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EcoScape® products are some of the best quality products available and are sold by professional manufacturers with years of experience. Come to us for your requirements.

EcoScape® Recycled Rubber Solutions

EcoScape® products are some of the most environmentally friendly solutions in playground and artificial scape areas.

Example applications

EcoScape® products can be used in various applications: parks , schools, gardens, activity trails, playgrounds, paths, picnic and leisure areas. and many other domestic uses.

EcoScape® Recycled Solutions

EcoScape® products have benefited many private homes, councils and hotels; & has been specified in sensitive applications including those organised by the ‘Watch us grow’ and ‘Disability challenge’ campaigns, and we have cooperated on community good will projects with corporations such as AXA & Barclays.

EcoScape® Colour Palettes

EcoScape® provide a varied range of aesthetically pleasing colours to enhance any playground or landscaped area.

EcoScape® Production

The production facility is based in Goole, West Yorkshire, UK

Supplying product throughout the UK to more than 70 trade clients and to outlets in 16 other countries across Europe.

Quality Rubber Source Materials!

‘EcoScape® Mulch is manufactured from quality solid recycled forklift tyres or retreading from lorry tyres. Using a solid rubber source material, means no metal & low fibre in the raw product, giving a higher rubber content & a reduced risk of injury, in particular from embedded wires that may be found in some other types of tyres!’


Welcome to EcoScape®

Welcome to the official EcoScape® Rubber Surfacing website.  EcoScape® provide recycled rubber surfacing and flooring for residential and commercial applications. Please browse through our on-line resources and contact us if you have any questions or comments.

What we do!
EcoScape® provide a range of recycled rubber surfacing products that are kind to the environment and to your budget! EcoScape® products and solutions are the ideal choice for landscapes and playscapes.

Rubber Surfacing
Rubber surfacing is a competitive area in playground and safe play environments but what makes EcoScape® distinct is the quality of materials used in the recycling process. EcoScape® only use the finest quality base rubber materials which many of our competitors simply do not. For quality rubber surfacing that is manufactured to the highest standards – EcoScape® are the UK leaders.

Why EcoScape® ?

Why Choose EcoScape® ?

The main reason you'll want to choose our products over and above a competitor can be explained easily by our use of quality raw materials. EcoScape® use the best materials to begin with so produce a higher quality and safer product than cheaper manufacturers.