About Us

The EcoScape® brand is recently back under the management of its original creators and all enquiries are now directed to the CreateScape Ltd factory sales team.

We have been specialised in the manufacture of colour coated recycled rubber products for more than 6 years and have distributors all over Europe. (It is estimated we have supplied over 300,000 mt2 of surfacing for assorted Landscape and Play activity areas.)

Our professional management team have been involved in landscaping, sports and play surfacing solutions for over 30 years

We work closely with specialist recyclers of solid tyres and re-treading operations in both the UK and across mainland Europe to ensure continuity of supply. Our suppliers of high quality raw materials ensures minimum fibre content and are targeted to be  ’metal free’ at source extraction.

We have in house sieving operations to create special blends of shred sizes and access to non-marking rubber taken from very special forklift truck tyres!

All add up to a well established set of ‘standard materials’ used regularly by specialist surfacing companies across Europe, or we have the ability to carry out bespoke contract manufacturing to specific recipes, subject to minimum volumes required.

For all your Recycled rubber Shred or Chip, call CreateScape on  Tel: +44 020 7193 3303

CreateScape® Ltd

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