Eco Friendly




“Rubber is one of the most useful materials of the modern era and helped spawn the industrial revolution. It is prized in industry for its strength, elasticity, and wear-resistance. Unfortunately, rubber also represents one of the most difficult recycling problems ever encountered. One of the biggest pollution problems in this country is scrap tires. Although it’s easy to collect, it’s difficult to recycle. It’s chemically cross-linked, and those links will not melt and will not dissolve”
Professor Richard Farris of the University of Massachusetts

Reprocessing recycled solid tyres uses up a material that can no longer just be dumped in landfill and rightly so, it does not rot. EcoScape® products are manufactured from this very resource.

Alternative methods of disposal would be to incinerate in a specially controlled facility, using up valuable energy and creating more gases into the atmosphere in particular C02. So buying EcoScape® loose shred or SoftBond® helps reduce CO2 emissions and plays its part in reducing global warming.

Unlike some methods of applying ‘paint’ to coated products, the process of coating EcoScape® and SoftBond® materials is a chemical curing process, so does not use an artificial heat in a drying process; so creating an energy efficient cured material.

Further processing of this type of tyre creates both Eco-Subbase, as a specialist sub-base layer in Play facilities; and colour coating this material, creates EcoNuggets and Eco-Mini-Chip.