EcoScape® Loose Fill Mulch

An alternative to wood bark and other loose fill materials for landscapes and play areas. Using coloured shred for landscaping or as a play-surface is a great way to mimic natural bark and use a recycled material.

The way it’s manufactured is important; not all rubber mulch products are the same – always ask for the EcoScape® brand.


  • - Does not blow around or easily scatter
  • - Reduced settlement, no compaction or rotting to allow for, so cost effective long-term life cost.
  • - Rubber taken from tyres with no metal at the point of source; less risk of contaminants
  • - Can be a loose fill playground material.
  • - Has been drop tested in accordance with BS EN1177 test method for playground use.
  • - Great for domestic applications and areas of ‘free-play’
  • - EcoScape® rubber shred according to DIN EN 71-3 has been assessed to within a toy safe classification.
  • - Comfortable underfoot and natural looking aesthetics
  • - A loose fill rubber material that looks like natural bark.
  • - As a landscaping product, an effective weed suppressant for borders and pathways.
  • - Mainly used for a variety of landscaping applications & in domestic gardens. E.g. Pathways, borders, and as a decorative material. 
  • Low maintenance, therefore cheaper to own- Helps to cut down on weeds, mould or fungus growth
  • Larger shreds than granulated rubber and the shape, creates a layered effect with increased stability.
  • Does not attract pets and wildlife mess.
  • Retains surface tension moisture only, so it doesn’t stay wet. (Drainage maybe required under any loose fill material)