Why CreateScape®?

Why choose Our products?

The main differences between other perhaps inferior manufacturers and CreateScape® are:

• Some manufactures use cheap Pneumatic tyres to save money on their raw materials.
• CreateScape® manufacture only from quality solid recycled forklift truck tyres or re-treading from lorry tyres.

• Some use rubber material, that it is embedded with metal and fibre and difficult to remove.
• CreateScape® use solid rubber source material, so no metal and low fibre in the raw product, higher rubber content.

• Some use materials with high-fibre content, can result in increased moisture retention and more changeable performance and a less stable structure.
• Createscape® use virtually no fibre in the shred products, and very little in the ‘Nuggets’, means better drainage and improved performance.

• Some sub-contract the colour coating process, so less direct control; and may also use cheaper water based coatings, with less coating stability.
• CreateScape® have an in house colour coating facility; control over quality and use a Polyurethane (PU), chemically cured coating process, for a more durable coating.

CreateScape® – do things the right way

Reprocessing recycled solid tires uses up a material that can no longer just be dumped in landfill and rightly so, it does not rot. To read more about CreateScape’s eco-friendly credentials click here.